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At Larkhill, we use the Read Write Inc phonics programme developed by Ruth Miskin to support the teaching of Phonics and Early Reading in Key Stage One. This is a structured and systematic approach to learning Phonics that develops early reading skills by segmenting and blending words and using this key skill in the application of specially selected reading books. Each stage provides opportunities for children to access decodable reading texts that aid fluency and comprehension.

How to help your child at home:

We are really grateful to the parents who spend time supporting the education of their child at home, and reading is one of the key areas where parents can assist. The earlier children are exposed to books, the better they will perform with their reading, as well as their creativity and use of imagination.

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Useful Links:

A video showing how to pronounce the sounds -

A guide to Read Write Inc by Oxford Owl

Games and resources


Reading unlocks a world of new vocabulary, imagination and creativity. We are passionate in teaching and leading the children to read in school and would like nothing more than for this to continue at home. Hearing your children read can make all the difference to their fluency, intonation, comprehension as well as personal language acquisition. Children are given reading books appropriate to their reading ability as well as given the opportunity to access reading for pleasure books from our book shelves and library.

Useful links to access reading texts at home:!/