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Unleashing Creativity with the Scrapstore PlayPod

13 February 2020
Unleashing Creativity with the Scrapstore PlayPod

Experimenting at playtime is a great way for children to get creative and use their imagination. At Larkhill Primary School, we’re always looking to enrich this important time in our pupils’ day.

That’s why we recently signed up to the Scrapstore PlayPod initiative from the charity Wiltshire Scrapstore. As part of the project, we have been provided with a purpose-built shed and a wide range of safe scrap materials for children to use in their play and learning.

Tomorrow, at 2:30 p.m., we will hold our official unveiling of the new storage shed, with school governor Lt Col Gentles cutting the ribbon on this exciting new resource. Parents are encouraged to attend and try out some of our new play materials for themselves.

The children have already had a great time giving the equipment a test run, and we can’t wait to have permanent access to the materials with our new Scrapstore shed.

At Larkhill, we think it’s important to teach our pupils the importance of sustainability. With the Scrapstore PlayPod, our children get to explore how objects and materials that might ordinarily be considered ‘scrap’ can be reused for a variety of creative purposes.

Furthermore, through playing with these materials, our pupils have the opportunity to learn some of the basic principles of physics and science through tactile experience.

We would like to thank everyone at the school involved in bringing this great project forward, and we look forward to seeing members of the school community at the official unveiling on Friday!

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