Year 2

Year 2 Term 6

This term the children in Year 2 are learning about The Carnival of the Animals. This instrumental piece of music is serving as the inspiration for our learning.

The children began the topic by having a hook day that focused upon creating a loving and caring environment for wildlife in areas, closer to home i.e. the birds in our school grounds. They independently followed instructions to make a range of different bird feeders that were then positioned around the school grounds, so as to provide year round food sources for the Larkhill Primary School resident birds.

Bug Hunting

The children have taken bug hunting morning, where they and their partner have used a large hoop to identify a certain focus area. Within this area, they have observed a range of different wildlife that has visited it, kept a tally of their findings and converted this information into bar graphs. Their search has then been extended into the Forest School part of grounds, where they have carried out a second bug hunt and identified a huge discrepancy in the creatures they could find in the two locations. After significant discussion they preferred the wildlife that live in the long grasslands.

Pond dipping

The children have taken part in a pond dipping morning, where they worked with a partner to collect specimens from our school pond, identify them using the identification cards and then release them back into the wild. After this event the children then wrote a detailed recount about their exciting morning and their findings.

The Hawk Conservancy

The children have been on a trip to The Hawk Conservancy where they watched a bird of prey flight display and learnt about a range of different birds. As they travelled around with their group they were collecting stamps, names and facts about different endangered birds which they found fascinating. The host of the bird display also shared a great deal of knowledge which the children absorbed instantly and have been discussing in detail ever since.

Jean Rousseau

The children will be creating their own version on the famous, Tiger in the Woods masterpiece. It will use their personal knowledge of creatures that have seen during either the Bug hunt, Pond Dipping or The Hawk Conservancy, while allowing them to explore a range of different media and create textures that illustrate movement.

Personal adventures in the wild

As a means of allowing the children to gain a deeper understanding of some of the wonders that the world has to offer them in the future, they will be learning about some of the adventures that their teachers have carried out. Your child will be writing a letter to invite certain staff members to come and visit them. They will have prepared questions in advance, ready to interview the staff member and will then create a non-chronological report based upon their findings from each interview, followed up by a thank you letter. There is such a breadth of expeditions such as completing the 3 Peak Challenge, living and working Thailand, sky diving to sailing single handed across the Channel, it will be a fascinating block of work and the children are already getting excited about it.


Due to the improvement in the weather and with our imminent Sports Day, please ensure that your child has their full PE kit at school every day. We will be taking the children out to practise different sporting events at different times. There will be opportunities for them to play rounds, tennis and cricket with other year groups and we are also working on a dance for the Year 2 dance presentation, held at Avon Valley School in July which we hope you can all attend.


Your child is asked to read to you everyday and after each read, please make a note of it in their homework diaries. The children earn REACH points for each read and are working towards an end of year reward for their commitment to reading.

Their homework diaries also contain spellings, each week, that need to be practised as the expectation is that these words will be used within their written work and spelt correctly. In a similar way, they earn REACH points for each High Frequency Word that is used and spelt correctly.

There are also Maths games, within the diary for the children to be playing. There is a spot on the top right page of every week, for you to note down the games that they have played with you. Once again, the children earn REACH points for these Maths games and they help to support your child’s learning in class.

We hope that you will enjoy the quality time that reading and sharing a book can provide for you and your child, along with the positive attitude it develops within your beloved, to read independently as an adult.

All of the staff in Year 2 are excited about what this term has to offer and we hope that you are too.