Vision and School Aims

Our school motto is 'Reach higher, go further, achieve together'. 'Reach higher' means that we should place no limits on what we can achieve. It is important to have consistently high expectations of ourselves and those around us. 'Go further' is about commitment. It is not possible to enjoy great achievements without hard work and not giving up. 'Achieve together' emphasises teamwork, the idea that collectively we can achieve even greater things than as an individual working alone. This motto applies to every member of our school, from the youngest child to the oldest member of staff. The first word of the motto, 'REACH', also represents five important values we hold dear at Larkhill.


R is for respect. We will respect each other, our differences, our school and ourselves

E is for Endeavour. We will try our hardest and help each other to achieve.

A is for Achievement. We will be proud of our achievements and of those around us, including our wider community.

C is for Courage. We will have courage to overcome life’s challenges, however big or small.

H is for Honour. We will try to do the right thing, making the best choices and being honest.


We aim to welcome each new pupil, enable them to grow and fly during their time with our school and encourage them to move with confidence and love of learning into the next phase of their lives.