All the children should wear school uniform.  The Governors have agreed to the following dress code:



  • Larkhill sweatshirt or cardigan
  • White blouse/polo shirt
  • Black/grey skirt/trousers/pinafore dress



  • Larkhill sweatshirt
  • White shirt/polo shirt
  • Black/grey trousers


In summer there are the following options:

  • Green and white checked/striped dress for girls
  • Grey/black shorts for boys


We sell a variety of sized and prices sweatshirts and fleeces, these can be ordered through the school office.    Alternatively please download the order form below and return with your payment to the school office.



Please ensure that your child has suitable shoes for school; low heeled, plain and preferably black.  Children can bring trainers to wear at break and lunch times.


PE Kit

  • White T-shirt (an official Larkhill T-shirt is available from the school office)
  • Black or dark shorts (not Bermuda shorts)
  • Plimsolls.
  • Trainers for outside games
  • Tracksuits in colder weather


PE kit should be brought to school in a bag clearly marked with the child’s name.  This kit can then be left in school.

PE bags are on sale from the office.



Swimming takes place for year three to six only.  Children should come to school with a costume, towel, comb or brush.  A voluntary contribution towards the cost of the coach is appreciated from parents.  

If your child has a verruca please inform his/her teacher.



The children are not allowed to wear any jewellery in school except for items of religious significance and a watch.  If your child has pierced ears they may wear studs to school but they must not wear hoops to schools as these are a safety hazard.  Studs must be removed during PE as there is a danger that the protruding end can cause injury.  We request that any ear piercing be carried out at the beginning of the summer holidays.