Performance Tables

For the academic year 2016/2017, all children at the end of KS1 (Yr 2) and KS2 (Yr 6) undertook Standard Assessment Tests (SATS).  At Larkhill, we try to prepare our children in such a way that they are as ready and relaxed about the process as much as possible.

In KS1 (Year 2) teacher assessments are carried out during June, your child may not be aware of the tests as we try to ensure the tests are carried out in a way that your child will not worry about them.  The results of these tests are then forwarded to the Department for Education.  The purpose of the tests is to ensure your child has made sufficient progress and is working to the best of their ability but will also inform their next teacher, as they enter KS2, of their skills and talents.  These tests are marked internally and form part of our overall ongoing assessment programme.

In KS2 (Year 6) more formal assessments in reading, SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) and maths are carried out in May.  The completed tests are sent to external invigilators for marking.  The results of the tests are sent to your child’s secondary school, with a copy given to you, usually as part of a parents meeting at the end of term in July. The children's writing is assessed within school and the results are sent to the DfE. The arrangements for the academic year 17/18 will not change.

We also undertake end of year Phonics tests for our Yr 1 children during June and July.

2017 Y1 Phonics, KS1 & KS2 Results (% achieving the expected level)

Y1 Phonics: 86% (National: 81%)

KS1 Reading: 84% (National:76%)    Writing: 77% (National:68%)   Maths: 84% (National:75%) 

KS2 Reading: 70% (National:71%)    Writing: 65% (National:76%)   Maths: 83% (National:75%)


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