This term Ospreys have been busy learning about World War II. We started at the beginning finding out how it all began, who were the allied and axis powers and where it all look place. Then we wrote a series of different recounts such as diary entries, descriptive recounts of an event, informal letters and eyewitness accounts. 

In October we also took part in a whole school Fiji day and Year 6 looked at some intricate patterns that we had a go at recreating using tracing paper to repeat our pattern.

We have been learning about the digestive system in our Science lessons. Look at our science experiment below:

Science - The digestive system


We have spent some weeks looking at including tension and suspense to our writing through horror. We watched the short film clip from The Literacy Shed 'Francis' to inspire our writing; it was very scary!  See the link below.


Maths - Fractions, fractions and more fractions!