Welcome to Falcons Class! 

Teacher: Miss Smith

TAs: Mrs Mcentee

Term 5


After naming one of their new buses, we won a free trip to Stonehenge! The bus came and picked us up for a VIP ride to the stones. We were really lucky with the weather and were surprised to find that our workshop was based around Lego. We learnt about myths and legends before creating our own out of Lego bricks. Some groups stood up at the front and told their story to the class. The staff at Stonehenge were so impressed that they asked us to write our stories up at school and send them in.

Torch Relay

On a baking hot day, Falcons Class took part in an Olympic-style torch relay with our friends at Avon Valley College. Durrington Junior School passed the torch to us outside Larkhill Space Station and we ran it all the up to the Stonehenge Inn. That’s a very long way in that heat! Although we were exhausted, we still found the energy to walk back to school in time for lunch. After us, the torch was passed to Durrington Infant School.

SATs Week!

The Year 6s in our class had their SATs this term. They did really well, didn’t moan and we are really proud of them all. All the hard work paid off and we were really surprised by how many of them said it was the best week ever! I’m sure the free breakfast each morning had something to do with that.

Cricket Festival

A selection of children from our class attended a Cricket festival at Collingbourne Cricket Club. We played in heats and then the winners of each heat when through to the finals. We were told we had lost all of our matches and felt really disheartened. Suddenly, we were informed that the umpires had the scores mixed up and we had actually won our heat! It was a big surprise to be in the finals when we thought we were definitely going home. We came 3rd out of 16 schools!


Year 6 had an excellent time at PGL Liddington for 2 nights and 3 days. They all worked hard as a team, encouraged each other to challenge themselves and went to bed at a reasonable time! There were certainly lots of screams on the rafts. The food was really good and we all ate lots of it.

Orienteering Festival

Year 5 attended an Orienteering festival at Stonehenge School. 6 teams attended. Each team was made up of 10 children and within each group of 10 were pairs. It was really hard because if one pair missed a control, the whole team had a penalty. You have no idea how each pair has done until the very end. Lots of us got around the course in a very quick time. We came 4th and 6th – we think we missed a few controls! We still had fun and were pleased to put what we had learnt with Ms Matthews into practice.

Topic - Term 6


Term 4

Get ready to set sail - This term our topic is Pirates. Arrrr! Check back here soon to see what we'll be up to!


Term 3

Now the term is over, take a look at what we got up to in our image gallery below. 


Special Mentions

Congratulations to all of our Year 5 and 6 swimmers who won the Swimming Gala at Durrington Pool! We're looking forward to the finals in the summer!