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Welcome to Robin's class page! We hope to 'tweet' regularly about our learning adventures and look forward to fun year ahead. We will share newletters and information from parent workshops on this page as well as highlights from the term. We are often very busy and change our theme regularly to motivate and engage the children in their learning. This is the best place alongside Tapestry to discover how Robins spend their days in school. We will upload the newsletter every week and ensure that you are kept informed of events that are happening. 

Term 5

This term we developed our understanding of stories through role-play, dance and puppet shows. To launch our theme the children discovered a crime scene linked to Jack and the Beanstalk. The children correctly predicted the story and had great fun pretending to be story detectives.  We retold the story of Jack and the beanstalk and tried really hard to write the story in the order that it occurs. We created a wanted poster for the troll from the Three Billy Goats Gruff and perfected the art of changing our voices for each of the characters. In our music sessions, we worked hard on creating sound effects that would enhance our story telling. To end our theme as class we had a great time re telling various traditional tales so much we decided to put on a show. Everyone took part as a character and we retold the story of the ‘Great Fairy Tale Disaster.’  It was an amazing performance and the children were very proud of themselves. 

Topic, Newsletter and Homework





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Spring 2

This term the children will be learning about different places around the world. We are going to be explorers and see where our Journey takes us following the children's interests. Our first stop will be China and we will discover how the Chinese celebrate their new year. Then the children will decide where to go next on their adventure so we will keep you posted. Throughout the term whilst exploring our focus theme will be 'Pirates' the children will have many adventures 'sailing and exploring' different continents. We are very excited where this topic will take us and look forward to seeing the children's excitement as they discover new places. Keep checking the website to see our amazing  adventures. 

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We're going on a treasure hunt! - Lots of fun will be had this week.

Chinese Restaurant

Image result for chinese food clipartThis afternoon, we turned the classroom into a Chinese restaurant to celebrate Chinese New Year with our friends. We described the different food using our five senses. The children each had a set of chopsticks and discovered it was quite tricky to eat rice. All children showed our value of endeavour and kept on going with the chopsticks. The children enjoyed prawn crackers, noodles, rice and a fortune cookie. At the end of the 'meal' the children had their fortunes read as they were keen to know what their fortune said. 

Chinese Food
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In our Music and PE sessions this week the children had the opportunity to learn about chinese lion/dragon dances. They learnt they had to work as a team when creating a dragon dance and copy the person in front to be sucessful at moving around the hall. In addition to dancing the children learnt a song about a dragon that can dance, hop, shake it's tail and fall asleep. It was a fun morning of movement and song.


Dragon Dancing

Image result for chinese orange wishing tree clipartThe children found out about the tradition of the 'Wishing Tree' when learning about Chinese New Year. We wrote wishes and attached them to oranges. Then the children attempted to throw the oranges into the tree. Oranges that remained in the branches had a higher likelihood of the wish coming true. 

Orange Wishing Tree

Please find attached the newsletter for Chinese New Year.


Burglar BillImage result for burglar bill clipartWe had a mystery to solve - All of our toys had disappeared! We arrived at school to find a crime scene! We used the evidence in the classroom to work out who could have broken in. We found lots of clues, gathered evidence and had our fingerprints taken to elimate ourselves from the police investigation. After break, we had our toys returned and found a note from Burglar Bill explaining how sorry he was for taking our toys. The children decided that Burglar Bill had made the right choice to return our toys and showed our value of Honesty by admitting he had done it.  


Burglar Bill's Visit
PCSO Visit
We enjoyed a visit from PCSO Maria who very kindly let all the children discover how the sirens work in the police car. It was great to hear how PSCO Maria helps in the community. The children had lots of questions which Maria kindly answered and now the children have a greater understanding of the different roles community police support officers have within the local area. 

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Robins Class have enjoyed learning about Winter and taking part in activities to learn about the season. Children had the opportunity to create winter pictures using a range of media and materials. One day the class discovered 32 frozen penguins which needed to be rescued from the frozen ice. The children had lots of great ideas such as using picks to chip away at the ice, heating the ice in the microwave, smashing the penguin free using chairs and hammers, using warm water and even sprinkling salt to help the ice melt. It was great fun and the children quickly freed the penguins and could evaluate their approach and its effectiveness. We waited for snow but none settled so we decided to make our own using baking powder and shaving foam. When the snow was ready the children made their very own miniature snowmen and added features to make them more realistic. 


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We had an amazing time celebrating 'Hero Day'. The children enjoyed finding out about everyday heroes as well as pretending to be superheroes in the role-play area. 

Hero Day
PSHE Day - Circuits in the hall
Christmas Show

Image result for christmas with the aliensSTAR Performance from all children in the Christmas show this year. They worked their socks off to remember their speaking parts and perform to a large audience. The children were AMAZING!!! It was fantastic to see the show come together as the children worked as a team to learn the songs, help each other with their lines and prompted each other to go on stage when it was their turn. Great job Robins Class! Image result for star clipart

Image result for reading clipartWe had lots of fun at the reading meeting recently, thank you to those who could attend. For your reference i've attached a copy of the presentation. 


Please remember to sign your child's reading diary three times to have their book changed. Children should read three times a week to have their owl moved up the reading tree.